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If a Human's face is a work of art, then her hair serves as its frame. Hair is one part of the body that needs constant maintenance, care, nourishment and styling. At MOOKH Unisex Salon all these aspects of hair services are handled by a team of highly skilled professionals.

The MOOKH beauty teams are friendly attendants who will cater to your desire and recommend a look for you. To restore the elasticity and moisture to your hair several treatments and offered after a consultation with the stylist. Hairstylists and colorists at MOOKH have extensive knowledge of hair types, facial structures, skin tones and are well versed with the latest trends.

Hair Cuts : Our unique couture cut compliment the shape of your face and highlights your best features. Classic, contemporary or creative cuts personalized to reflect ones personality and style. Your look will be reinforced with a full compliment of the finest hair care products available, recommended especially for you to retain your look with the least possible maintenance visits between.

Hair Color : Few things reflect a our style more than color. Whether black, brown, blonde, brunette, redhead or graying, we help you find the color that best showcase your eyes, compliments your skin tone and enhances your facial features. Highlights, Low lights, Streaking, Gray coverage and Color corrections are few of the basic services offered by us with advanced coloring techniques & superior quality Products

Priming : Cascading curls, be it spiral, textured or wavy, to give softness to your face.

Straightening : Sleek straight look that is always in fashion

Hair Styling : Hairstyles to suit every occasion. .blow dry, straightening, curls, up styles for parties, weddings, fashion shows.

Hair Spa : Feel the difference in the quality of your hair as you experience the relaxing massage with the deep conditioning treatment .