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Hand ,Nail & Foot Care

Well maintained Hand, Nails, Foot soft and healthy skin are essential to your appearance. Our specialists perform basic nail services as well as special treatments to maintain the integrity of your nails. Matching your footsteps with the fast pacing world can tire your feet and the day to day struggles are so cruel to your hands! Your hands and feet need a special kind of pampering and MOOKH Salon is the perfect place for it.

Manicure : No detail is ignored as we thoroughly cleanse, groom and restore the condition of your hands. all manicures include soaking, nail shaping, cuticle care, moisturizing cream and polish to perfection. we begin this therapeutic treatment by trimming nails evenly

Pedicure : The feet are considered to be the mini map of the body. the feet are constantly under pressure, never getting adequate rest and care. pedicure rejuvenates the feet and keeps them looking the best, The Pedi Spa is thoroughly sanitized and the water is always fresh, maintaining highest levels of hygiene.

Hot Stone Foot Massage : A unique foot massage with hot stones that increases blood circulation, gives a feeling of warmth, improves muscle activity and soothes the aching feet.

Icy-Spicy Foot massage : Let us take off all the stress from your legs with our signature foot massage. A specially formulated super cooling spicy massage gel used in this deep tissue signature massage will sooth your legs, calves and feet and will leave you with a pleasant tingling sensation.

Waxing : Waxing is the most effective method of removing unwanted hair in both large and small areas. Hair can be removed with a minimum amount of discomfort. Warm waxing is more effective then cold waxing and is the type of hair removal that we perform in this salon. Blend of Aloe gel with aromatherapy oils that sooth the skin is applied to the waxed area.