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Body Arts

Body Art themes include: universality, diversity and antiquity of styles; concepts of beauty; identity and transformation; meaning and significance of symbols; and pain, endurance and rites of passage.

Tattoo Art : MOOKH Tattoo studio featuring International level of tattooing in India. We offer you thousands of designs to choose from and customized tattoos to meet your requirements, apart from this we also design Ambigrams, Logos and offer Custom graffiti. At MOOKH tattoos we uses the best of equipments, world class standards of tattooing and our Hygiene standards meet International levels. Packed Needles are opened in front of you and after the tattoo is completed, it is either given back to you or destroyed. Also everything that touches your skin is new like the needles, ink caps, gloves, razors etc to make your tattooing experience a memory for lifetime Temporary & Permanent Tattoos

Nail Art : Hands and feet care does not end with manicure and pedicure or trim and softening. A beautiful polish of your nails can add glamour to your hands and feet. The Cut, File and Polish exclusive at Naturals gives your hands and feet a fresh look. The nails are beautifully trimmed, cuticles cleaned & treated to make them beautiful. In our nail art service, the nails are painted and decorated with exclusive designs and accessories. Nail art is for those who want to go in for a revolutionary, contemporary and unconventional look for hands and feet beauty care. These creative nail art designs can be an attention-grabber and will get you compliments for unconventional beauty care.

Mehndi / Henna Art :Mehndi / Henna is one of the key fashion element for the preparation of any event whether its Engagement, Wedding, Depawali, Navratri, Karva Chauth , Eid or any other Special event . We all are very selective for putting henna designs on our different body parts as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing our beauty. At MOOKH body Art Studio we provide you complete facilitation in selecting designs according to your body part and occasion with the best henna art services.